Casino Etiquette and rules

Casino Etiquette – The Unwritten Rules of the Casinos

For a couple of decades now, casinos have been offering thrilling games and entertainment to millions of gamblers across the globe. No wonder in New Zealand and other parts of the world, casinos are linked with all sorts of wonder, entertainment, and excitement. This exciting moment remains valid for all casinos, land-based and online. Nonetheless, whether you play at an online or land-based casino, there is some unwritten casino etiquette you must know and follow.

Whether a fresher in the gambling world or a veteran gambler, you must adhere to the etiquette expected of you when gambling. Following the unwritten casino, rules are even more critical while gambling at a land-based casino, where there is face-to-face interaction with other people. Therefore, you must be aware of these rules because ignoring them can sometimes have you removed from the casino, which is embarrassing. Besides the likelihood of being asked to leave the casino, it is good to follow these unwritten casino rules to create a suitable environment for you, other visitors, and the dealers. Read this article to understand more about casinos’ Dos and Don’ts.

Good Casino Etiquette

Tip your dealer: Like it is expected to tip the server after dining, it is also good etiquette to give your dealer something as you leave the casino. This etiquette is essential if you plan to return to the dealer’s table. You will not be kicked out for not tipping them, but being generous is good for keeping the atmosphere light and friendly. You are giving something small like $1-5 to the dealer when leaving the casino is acceptable.

Dress Appropriately: Though the dress code varies depending on the casino you are visiting, and the occasion, the general thumb rule for casinos from all over the world is to dress up and not to dress down. It is essential to check with the casino about the proper dress code before visiting to avoid ben sent back to change.

Know your hand signals: For several casino games, mainly blackjack, you must apply hand signals to indicate how you want to play your cards. Understanding these signals by heart is essential because verbal instructions are not enough; otherwise, it will look weird when the dealer repeatedly explains the call to you.

Below is an illustration of hand signals you need to be aware of when cards are dealt face up.

  • Hit: Tap on the table
  • Stand: Wave your hand with your palm open and parallel to the table
  • Split/Double: Put your matching bet next to your original chance and not on the top

When the cards are dealt face down, the hand signals are

  • Hit: lightly scrape the cards’ corner against the felt
  • Stand: Slide your cards under the bet. In this process, do not lift your chips.
  • Split/Double: Put your cards on the table face up, just above your bet

Cash-out with big denominations: When you leave the table and cash out, signal it to the dealers so they can exchange the playing chips for generic casino cash chips. Dealers prefer that you trade in minor chips denomination for large ones. Therefore, show your expertise in gambling by following this simple casino tip. Ensure that you exchange the chips between hands and not during the play.

Bad Casino Etiquette

Drinking excessively: Although many people think that drinking while gambling is classy, it is not elegant. A good number of land-based casinos across the globe do not allow gamblers to drink too much on the premises, and if you do, there are higher chances that you will be asked to leave. Therefore, when you visit a land-based casino, ensure that you drink responsibly. If you know you cannot handle alcohol, order a non-alcoholic beverage.

Consulting the dealer: Asking for advice from the dealers is another bad casino etiquette you should avoid. This puts the dealer in a pretty awkward situation since their advice will not guarantee an automatic win. The appropriate casino etiquette expected from you is to make personal decisions and handle the outcome by yourself.

Using your phone: By using your phone while gambling at a land-based casino, you will be breaking important casino etiquette. Gambling depends on thinking and strategies, and your phone will significantly distract you and other players. Therefore, instead of making calls, taking pictures, or texting, switch off the phone and concentrate on the game; furthermore, that is the main reason you visited the casino. If you want to gamble while using your phone, stick to online mobile casinos.

Smoking: Smoking is an individual’s choice that need not be forced on others. This is the main reason casinos across the globe ban smoking inside the premises since they also have customers who do not smoke. Therefore, if you need a smoking break, ask to be shown the smoking area.

Closing Comments

As shown above, there are several unwritten etiquette rules you need to be aware of when playing at a land-based casino. Although this article has not highlighted all of them, it has covered the important ones you need to know while visiting a land-based casino. Understanding these rules means you will also have a good experience gambling at a land-based casino. Also, by conducting yourself well, people will respect you in return, and you will not have any conflict with the casino staff and risk being asked to leave. So, if you want an excellent gambling time, ensure you follow the unwritten rules the next time you visit a casino.

Last Updated: June 27, 2023