Online Scratch Cards: The Whole Story

In 1974, the first physical scratch card was produced by John Koza with the help of retail specialists. The product was an instant hit!

Scratch cards are highly popular online casino games and most online casinos should offer a few varieties of scratch cards. Scratch cards are so popular as they are so easy to play. They can provide some relief for players who play intensive table games such as blackjack and craps. Other players play scratch cards as their primary game.

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Online scratch cards have the exact same concept as the iconic scratch cards you can buy at supermarkets and corner stores. Instead of scratching the reflective ink off of the physical scratch card with a finger, online scratch card players use their mouse to uncover their potential prizes. Prizes are revealed instantly which can be very exciting for the player, in a way scratch cards are like an instant lottery.

Scratch cards are also usually relatively cheap in comparison to other casino games. These days there are many different online scratch cards to choose from and most come complete with creative animations, bonus features, innovative themes and even mini games. The aim of most digital scratch cards is to reveal 3 matching symbols in order to win a monetary prize or voucher.

Best Online Scratch Cards Sites July 2019
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  • Enjoy instant action with scratch cards
  • Excellent way to switch things around
Betway Logo of Betway casino $1000 Bonus Play now
  • Scratch your way to big money
  • It only takes a few seconds
Casino Room Logo of Casino Room casino $2000 Bonus Play now
  • Win 5-figure amounts with NetEnt scratch cards
  • A few select scratchies available
888 Logo of 888 casino $1500 Bonus $88 Free No deposit, T&C’s apply Play now
  • Scratch cards featuring modern themes
  • Simple but exciting gameplay
Spin Palace Logo of Spin Palace casino $1000 Bonus Play now
  • Buy scratchies between $2 and $10
  • Scratch away instantly in your browser
Royal Vegas Logo of Royal Vegas casino $1200 Bonus Play now
  • Nice selection of different scratch cards
  • Enjoy simple but sophisticated design

Scratch Card Rules and How it Works

Scratch Cards & Kiwis

It hardly comes as a surprise that Kiwis are crazy about their “scratchies.” With so many different options and themes available, they represent a source of relatively cheap instant-fun combined with a possibility of winning some serious cash.

In some ways, scratch cards resemble online pokies, especially when talking about their electronic versions. One card is quite similar to a single spin on the machine: if you get lucky, you could win big. Additionally, colorful and entertaining themes make them easy on the eyes.

Scratch Card Strategies and Systems

Scratch card Scratch card games may not seem like they can be played using strategies, but they can! Unlike real life scratch cards; there is more to online scratch cards than just scratching a card to have prizes revealed and there are a few different paths you can take when playing online scratch cards.

A good strategy to adopt is choosing your scratch game carefully. There are literally thousands of scratch card games out there to choose from. Some have lower house edges than others, different betting options and odds. It is good to choose a game with a free demo version as the player can a get a feel for how that specific game works before playing for real money. Playing free games will show players what it takes to win, analyse their mistakes as well as find their favourite styles of games!

A very simple yet important strategy is to bank your winnings at regular intervals as to ensure you don’t lose it all in an unlucky bet. Another obvious point would be to never play more scratch cards than you can realistically afford to lose as, like in any casino game, there are no guarantees.

Scratch Cards Odds

Physical scratch cards have fixed odds based on the total number of cards produced compared to a number of winning cards out there. With virtual “scratchies,” things are a bit different as they operate on much the same principle like online slots, meaning an RNG dictates the outcome of every individual game.

Every card can be a winner when you play online as the combination is only produced when you buy a new card. Respectable and reputable casinos like the ones we recommend here usually have a payout percentage in the vicinity of 96%, which gives players the odds similar to those found in higher paying pokies.

Just like with pokies, there will be a lot of smaller wins and a rare big win thrown into the mix.

Scratch Cards vs. Other Casino Games

When compared to other casino games, scratch cards certainly belong to a category of their own. Players don’t need to learn any rules or worry about game dynamics or anything else for that matter. You buy a card – you scratch a card, and that’s it: you either win or lose.

For some people, this is ideal as there is nothing to think about and you still have the same chance of winning as if you’ve played some other games. For others, the lack of interaction may be a turnoff. It really depends on what you seek for in a casino. Is it just to get lucky or are you looking to have as much fun as possible? If the latter is the case, then online pokies or some table games could present a better alternative.

That said, online scratch cards are developing with each day and they offer new levels of interactivity to their players, making them appealing even to those primarily looking to have a blast.

Scratch Cards Variations

While there are many scratch cards from numerous manufacturers available today, Playtech is definitely one of the leaders in this department as well. The online gambling giant has been on the forefronts of the industry for a long time and when they decide to do something, they usually do it right.

Just like their pokies, many of their scratch cards are based on popular themes from movies, history, and so on.

Marvel themed “scratchies:”

Apart from these, there are many other scratch cards with different themes from history, mythology, etc.

Reasons Play Online Scratch Cards

  1. Online scratch cards are extremely easy to learn to play, there aren’t many rules and the games are simple and straightforward.
  2. Online scratch cards are a great choice of game for novices that don’t have much experience playing online casino games.
  3. You can play online scratch cards anytime you want to as you do not need to wait for other players to play a game.
  4. Most online scratch card games offer low house edges, bonus features as well as high payouts.
  5. Can be found at all the top online casinos

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Last Updated: May 20, 2019