Caribbean Stud, a stud poker game, was named after Aruba where it was invented. It gained popularity among wealthy tourists who spread the game and demanded it in their local casinos.

Payouts for a Royal Flush in Caribbean Stud Poker can range from 100:1 for the call bet to up to 1,000:1 for the 5+1 Bonus bet, depending on the casino.

No, Live Caribbean Poker cannot be played for free. A deposit is required to participate in live dealer games.

In Live Caribbean Stud Poker, the progressive jackpot is awarded for Royal Flush hands. Lower-ranked hands have fixed-prize jackpots, beginning with Three of a Kind.

In Caribbean Stud, the objective is to have a better five-card poker hand than the dealer. The rules involve betting and decision-making, with key moments occurring when you receive your hand.