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By: Betsoft

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Game Information:

Everyone loves an exciting tale about cops and robbers, especially a story about the plans and people involved in securing their next big score.

The Heist slot is a genuinely immersive pokie from Betsoft that brings you the story and masterful plans of a heist to end all heists for the bank robber Neil Quayland. He is always a step ahead of Detective Albert Kowalski, who has been chasing the elusive criminal for a long time.

The unique take on the genre will bring you closer to a complete gaming experience of planning a heist.

Heist Pokie pokie Slot Overview

Available Feature Numbers and Stats
The release year of Slot2010
Top Payout2,500 coins
Minimum Bet$0.02
Maximum Bet$0.50
Return To Player Percentage93.8%
Best Casino to try this PokieEmu Casino

Time for the Heist

The heist aims to get into the bank vault to cash in on the £9 million inside. The pokie game comes with striking visuals and heist imagery, from Neil himself, diamonds, guns, timers, glass cutters, and bank vault doors to keep you on the edge of your seat and ready for any surprise the heist throws at you. The audio gives you a sense of calmness and silence broken by the reels spinning as you crack the safe. The high-tech console will make you feel like you’re in the vault with Neil.

Heist Preparation

Just like preparing to steal millions of dollars from a casino heist in The Diamond Casino Heist, where the property is bought to find a way into the Casino in advance, there is some preparation to be done before breaking into the bank vault as well.

Make sure you choose your bet before spinning the reels. You will have five reels to turn and 30 paylines; 0.02 and 0.50 are your coin values, and you can bet up to 5 credits per line. Make sure you select your coin value, and you can choose the number of paylines you want to play. Precision is critical with any heist, and you could go all in and go for the maximum bet of 150 coins.

Look out for C4 explosives; if you land the symbol in the middle reel, it’s going to explode, and you get yourself a wild, and any wins you make on the wild reels will get you double, once again similar to The Diamond Casino Heist where explosions and chaos earn you money and experience.

Safe Cracking is No Easy Feat

As with all heists, the game comes with some risk but is a highly lucrative pokie. By placing the maximum bet, you could receive a maximum payout of 2,500 credits, which can get pretty exciting when going for the gold. Making a bit extra in the vault always helps; when you land a minimum of 3 Vault symbols, you unlock a bonus round where you need to open the vault and choose how to get in. Will it be by cracking the code, being a safecracker, or straight-up demolition, hoping the detective doesn’t find you before you have collected as much cash?

The best tools get the best results; land three glass cutters, and you could get your hands on extra credits, free spins, or another bonus round. Additionally,  get three or more scattered power drills and win significant cash.

Our Take

Betsoft is one of the most popular game providers and is constantly bringing its player and great graphics to rival other games. Living vicariously through fun and feeling the rush to complete a heist is incomparable.

Hours can be spent building characters and walking through the captivating stories and plans brought out by games such as Heist pokie and The Diamond Casino Heist, the latter showing similarities in sophisticated robbery and planning. The Heist pokie is similar to GTA Online The Diamond Casino Heist, which also features a story of theft, stealing, and many rewards. Playing either one will see you unravel the story to riches beyond compare.

The Heist pokie provides a rush and is worth the time for any kiwi looking to live on the other side of the law for a while. The detailed graphics will have you focused and listening carefully to the clicks of the vault and walking away with your spoils.

The real money pokie will have you walking away from your heist feeling like a million bucks and brings a similar feeling to when you run through the streets with your console in hand, planning and accomplishing a similar heist while making sure you keep safe and out of the authorities’ scope.

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Last Updated: June 27, 2023