Golden Ticket

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By: Play ‘n Go

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Game Information:

Play’n GO has released another exceptional pokie with Golden Ticket. The name might sound generic, and you’ll likely expect a game with an overused theme; however, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Golden Ticket is a slot played on a 5×5 grid that uses cascading reels and various bonus features to keep you entertained. An RTP rate of 96.73% seems to be the norm with Play’n GO titles.

This game is set in an 1800s carnival with various characters involved. The left of the screen keeps track of the multiplier, the cascading reels aren’t surrounded by a physical grid, and the right side has a platform that displays one of the game’s characters.

Enjoy the Festivities

Carnivals are known for family-friendly fun, with various food stalls and acts available to be enjoyed. This is one of the best-looking slots, not because of the colors used but because of the impressive layout and the in-game mechanics that feature plenty of small details, such as the confetti released whenever you land on a win.

The idle soundtrack has the ambiance of a busy carnival with men shouting and bells tolling. However, as soon as you set the reels in motion and land on a win, the game livens up, and a classic carnival soundtrack can be heard. This soundtrack features tubas, accordions, and fiddles, perfect for setting the mood.

Spin with Different Performers

The symbols used in Golden Ticket are relative to carnivals, with various performers and their tools representing them. The characters found in this game include the Ringmaster, Strongman, Clown, Ringmaster’s Hat and Whip, Ringmaster’s Hat, Strongman’s Kettlebell, Strongman’s Kettlebell and Dumbbell, and the Clown’s Bowling Pins.

Betting System Setup

Golden Ticket has a simplified betting system that ranges from NZ$0.20 to NZ$40.00, and five betting options might seem like very little; however, the values are adequate to suit anyone’s pocket.

Special Features

The Golden Ticket wild symbol is the most prominent feature of this game, and it substitutes all symbols; however, unlike some wilds that aren’t worth much, this one will provide you with 1000x your bet when landing on 5 of them.

There’s also a bonus round triggered by landing enough consecutive wins to reveal the word ‘Bonus.’ This will take you to a shooter round that will reveal various targets and provide instant wins when they match with others. Landing on five or more bonus targets will give you up to 20 additional rounds. These targets include ducks, clowns, lions, balloons, and many more.

The base game also has plenty of multipliers that can go up to 20,578x your bet in winnings, but this is challenging as you’ll rely on consecutive wins to get to this multiplier.

Our Take on Golden Ticket

Golden Ticket is a pokie that’s put together very well, as it presents a beautiful theme, soundtrack, and enough bonus features to keep you entertained for a long time. While the betting range isn’t the biggest, and it can be frustrating trying to get consecutive wins while you’re at the mercy of cascading reels, this is a pokie that we can confidently recommend to anyone looking for a good time with a unique slot.

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Last Updated: June 27, 2023