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By: Microgaming

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Game Information:

If you consider yourself the ultimate Game of Thrones fan, then Microgaming has created a game with just you in mind, their all-new Game of Thrones online pokie.

Join house Baratheon, Lannister, Targaryen, and Stark as they battle endlessly in their quest to crown their families as the leaders of Westeros.

As can be expected, the theme employed by this game is rather grim, very much like the series, only with less blood and nudity.

Microgaming has developed some of the best pokie games available today, so when branding one of their games with arguably the most popular series currently on television, expectations will be very high.

Microgaming has made a habit of linking big names to their games, as seen with their music series, which depicts legends such as Motorhead, Guns N’ Roses, and Jimi Hendrix, and they are yet to disappoint.

 Winter is Coming

Oh yes, Winter is coming; at least, that’s what the dark look of this game makes you believe. When we see Game of Thrones, no one expects daisies and rainbow unicorns, so the gloomy setting is not a surprise, although I suspect it can get rather old after long periods of play. When starting the game, you’ll be treated to a short intro featuring critical clips from the television series, more of which can be found as the game progresses.

The iconic Game of Thrones theme song, A Song of Fire and Ice, has been chosen as the soundtrack, although you can access the extended version, which has a little more variety.

Game of Reels

Microgaming has developed another fantastic five-reel game here but offers a deviation from the start that’s unfamiliar in pokie games. When loading the game, you can choose between 15 pay lines or Microgaming’s famous “243 ways to win”. Whichever you select, be sure that you’ll have ample opportunity to increase your treasury. Bets range from 0.15 to 3 coins which don’t provide a considerable variation, but with the bonus games, you’ll receive up to 5x multiplier, keeping things very interesting.

You’ll see four unique house symbols in this game, each utilizing a code of arms from one of the four leading houses listed below.

  • House Baratheon’s crest is adorned by the yellow stag, representing their raw power.
  • House Lannister. Their crest is filled with red behind a golden lion.
  • House Stark is known for keeping vicious dire wolves as pets; thus, you’ll find the silver wolf on their family crest.
  • Last but certainly not least is house Targaryen, represented by the fearsome red and black dragons, tamed by the mother of dragons herself.

The Game of Thrones logo represents the Wild symbol, while you’ll also find a Scatter symbol represented by the highly sought-after Iron Throne. The wild symbol is a substitute for other characters to complete winning lines, while the Scatter symbol unlocks the bonus features.

Maximum Payouts

Game of Thrones Pokie offers you a multitude of free spins and multipliers depending on where your allegiances lie. Choose the right house to serve, and you could win a jackpot of $121 000 with the right combination of bonuses; your fortune is in your hands.

A Lannister Always Pays His Debts

And indeed, they will have the chance to do so. If you find two or more scatter symbols anywhere on the reels, you’ll be presented with four banners representing the four houses. You’ll be asked to choose the house you wish to serve, as each has its own advantages.

  • House Baratheon will grant you a lowly eight free spins but will multiply any winnings by 5. The Baratheon symbols will additionally be stacked by 3.
  • The Lannisters will up the free spins to 10 but decrease the multiplier to 4x. Their symbols will be stacked by 4.
  • The Stark family, loyal and faithful, will provide 14 free spins along with a 3x multiplier and five stacked symbols.
  • House Targaryen will grant 18 free spins and six stacked symbols, although you’ll only receive a 2x multiplier.

You can also unlock the Gamble feature, which will find you traveling through the kingdom of Westeros. Along the road to riches, you’ll see well-known aspects of the show, like the three-eyed ravens, the white walkers, dire wolves, and dragons. At each stop, you’ll be presented with a winning value and given a Braavosi coin to flip. Predict the coin flip outcome correctly, and you’ll win the amount shown.

Our Take

Microgaming, the biggest online casino software provider, has done well with this adaptation of the top-rated series. The theme and music do well to convey all that Game of Thrones embodies, and the houses’ symbols are well-designed to showcase what the families stand for. Fans of the series will find plenty to enjoy here, and the bonus game selection will have some fans reconsider their loyalties.

However, the Game of Thrones pokie game offers enough variety that even those who’ve never seen the show will still find plenty to enjoy with the mix of free spins and multipliers available in the bonus game.

Unfortunately, suppose you are not familiar with the show. In that case, you’ll probably find the theme and soundtrack rather gloomy and won’t appreciate the occasional clips taken from the show, which diehard fans will see as one of the game’s best features. Of course, every Kiwi knows that Game of Thrones was filmed in New Zealand, so it’s no surprise that tons of the top online casinos in New Zealand feature this well-loved pokie.

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Last Updated: June 27, 2023