Online Scratch Cards Game Overview & Best Sites to Play

Scratch cards are among the most popular casino games in existence. They offer fast and simple action without too much hassle. Make a few moves with a tip of your finger, uncover the hidden symbols, and see if you’ve won a jackpot. It is really that easy.

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There is hardly anyone out there that hasn’t bought a scratch card of one type or another at least once in their life. The popularity of traditional scratch cards led online casinos to start offering their electronic counterparts. Everything remained the same, but instead of using a finger, players now use their computer mouse to try and uncover the hidden winnings.

What makes ‘scratchies’ so attractive is the simplicity mixed with fun and the adrenaline. It may take just a few seconds to uncover all fields, but those few seconds can be very intense. Additionally, scratch cards are usually quite cheap in comparison to other casino games, making them available to everyone.

Best Online Scratch Cards SitesMarch 2017
Logo of Jackpot city casino 1600Bonus20 free spinsPlay now
  • Enjoy instant action with scratch cards
  • Excellent way to switch things around
Jackpot city review
Logo of Betway casino 1500BonusPlay now
  • Scratch your way to big money
  • It only takes a few seconds
Betway review
Logo of Casino Room casino 500Bonus200 free spinsPlay now
  • Win 5-figure amounts with NetEnt scratch cards
  • A few select scratchies available
Casino Room review
Logo of 888 casino 1500Bonus$88 Free - No deposit neededPlay now
  • Scratch cards featuring modern themes
  • Simple but exciting gameplay
888 review
Logo of Spin Palace casino 1000Bonus50 free spinsPlay now
  • Buy scratchies between $2 and $10
  • Scratch away instantly in your browser
Spin Palace review
Logo of Royal Vegas casino 1200Bonus120 free spinsPlay now
  • Nice selection of different scratch cards
  • Enjoy simple but sophisticated design
Royal Vegas review

Scratch Cards & Kiwis

It hardly comes as a surprise that Kiwis are crazy about their “scratchies.” With so many different options and themes available, they represent a source of relatively cheap instant-fun combined with a possibility of winning some serious cash.

In some ways, scratch cards resemble online pokies, especially when talking about their electronic versions. One card is quite similar to a single spin on the machine: if you get lucky, you could win big. Additionally, colorful and entertaining themes make them easy on the eyes.

Where to Play Scratch Cards Online?

As we’ve mentioned, more and more online casinos are incorporating “scratchies” as a part of their overall offer. Casinos must always try to cater to their customers and give them what they want, and scratch cards are definitely something people want to have available.

In the sea of casinos offering these games, there are those that stand out as a great choice for New Zealand players and those are the ones we put our focus on. If you are looking to play online scratch cards, you should definitely check these NZ casinos:

How to Play

Playing scratch cards, be it online or offline, is as straightforward as it gets and that’s a part of what makes them so appealing. Once you pick a casino and register an account, you’ll be good to go. Simply find a scratch cards section and take your pick.

One good thing about online “scratchies” is that they are a lot more fun than their paper counterparts. Thanks to digital technologies, casinos are able to offer their players with living and breathing scratch cards with nice animations and sound, additional bonus features, and much more. Different novel and interesting themes certainly make scratching your cards that much more exciting.

To win something, a player usually needs to uncover three matching symbols although this can vary from one type to another. The exact rules for every particular scratch card are always explained so there is no confusion. You can either opt to “scratch” using the mouse or simply click the “reveal all” button, instantly showing up all the symbols. The choice is entirely up to you: you can either enjoy the whole process or simply uncover as many cards as possible in the shortest timeframe.

Scratch Cards Odds

Physical scratch cards have fixed odds based on the total number of cards produced compared to a number of winning cards out there. With virtual “scratchies,” things are a bit different as they operate on much the same principle like online slots, meaning an RNG dictates the outcome of every individual game.

Every card can be a winner when you play online as the combination is only produced when you buy a new card. Respectable and reputable casinos like the ones we recommend here usually have a payout percentage in the vicinity of 96%, which gives players the odds similar to those found in higher paying pokies.

Just like with pokies, there will be a lot of smaller wins and a rare big win thrown into the mix.

Scratch Cards vs. Other Casino Games

When compared to other casino games, scratch cards certainly belong to a category of their own. Players don’t need to learn any rules or worry about game dynamics or anything else for that matter. You buy a card – you scratch a card, and that’s it: you either win or lose.

For some people, this is ideal as there is nothing to think about and you still have the same chance of winning as if you’ve played some other games. For others, the lack of interaction may be a turnoff. It really depends on what you seek for in a casino. Is it just to get lucky or are you looking to have as much fun as possible? If the latter is the case, then online pokies or some table games could present a better alternative.

That said, online scratch cards are developing with each day and they offer new levels of interactivity to their players, making them appealing even to those primarily looking to have a blast.

Scratch Cards Variations

While there are many scratch cards from numerous manufacturers available today, Playtech is definitely one of the leaders in this department as well. The online gambling giant has been on the forefronts of the industry for a long time and when they decide to do something, they usually do it right.

Just like their pokies, many of their scratch cards are based on popular themes from movies, history, and so on.

Marvel themed “scratchies:”

  • Iron Man 2 – win up to $10,000
  • Thor Scratch Card – an interactive and fun “scratchie” with bonus games and features. Mix it up with Norse gods.
  • X-Men Scratch Card – play for a maximum stake and win up to $1,000,000

Apart from these, there are many other scratch cards with different themes from history, mythology, etc.

Conclusion: Should You Give Scratch Cards a Go?

Scratch cards may not be everyone’s cup of tea but if you haven’t played them yet, you should definitely not discount them without giving them a try. Some people seem to believe that “scratchies” are just boring and not as exciting, but the truth is virtual scratch games have a lot to offer.

With cool themes, bonus features, and other details to keep the excitement levels up, these games represent a valid alternative to online pokies or table games; if nothing else, they can be a good way to break the routine and try something new.

Visit or 32Red now and check out their scratch cards offer. You can buy just one or hundreds of scratch cards in one go: there is no limit. Find the middle ground that works for you and enjoy the excitement.

It may only take a few seconds to scratch out the symbols, but when you are looking for that last one to hit a jackpot, those few seconds can give you an adrenaline rush unlike anything else!

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