Busting Casino Myths

Ironically the gazillions of digital innovations and ultra-modern security systems have failed to educate us as humans; it was 1996 when online casinos first surfaced with due suspicion, but even in 2021, little has changed; Busting Casino Myths is the first step to becoming a true great gambler, separating false and truth of games and mastering it.

Gambling has always acted as a conspiracy machine. You either start believing that casinos cheat you out of your money or leave the casino a millionaire by following certain tricks that have nothing to do with the game.

We can’t blame you for believing some of these myths because the mysterious aura surrounding gambling leads to an overactive imagination. But what we can do is bust these myths so that next time you can rely more on your skills and not get caught up in a fictitious idea. And who knows? You might end up becoming a millionaire this time.

Casinos Are Oxygenated to Keep Players Pumped

The most gaseously funny myth is that casinos use oxygen to keep you energized. If that wasn’t enough, some people have gone to claim pheromones to make your bet aggressively.

Such myths are used as an excuse by people who lose all their money yet fail to stop playing. It sounds more like the working of one’s adrenaline than oxygen or pheromones. There is no evidence of such a practice. Not only is tampering with air supplies illegal, but it can even be dangerous for casinos. Oxygen is a flammable substance that can cause fires and put casino employees at risk.

The Games Are Rigged

Although this myth has some ground, the truth is slightly contorted here. Casinos are run like any other business, and they need to generate more money than the amount they pay players. Casino games are designed to be games of chance that tilt more in favor of the casinos.

It does not mean, however, that you cannot win. Each game has a Random Number Generator (RNG), stimulated billions of times by game developers and casinos. Games are required by law to have a Return to Player percentage (RTP), usually set at least 80%, which is money players must win. The casino cannot simply collect all the money and save it for themselves; they must return at least 80% of all the contributions from players to someone who will win. That also means that winnings are inevitable, and all players can’t lose in the same game permanently.

Going to Jail for Card Counting

Loosen yourself up and breathe, as you are not going anywhere! Counting cards is not illegal, and you won’t be thrown into prison for it. It doesn’t matter if you’re playing roulette, craps, or blackjack – the rule is fluid. Casinos don’t want people to count cards as you will increase the stakes for your win, but it is not against the law.

However, there is no such law forbidding the counting of cards. You might be asked to leave for offending them, and other players may not want to play with you, but jail is off the table. This is one myth that casinos love and may even fan up!

Bet More to Win More

There are many contradictions to this myth. Some people believe it because some pokie machines pay you at better odds on maximum bets. However, online pokies have an average RTP between 92% to 98%. The games determine winners randomly, and if you play a randomized contest, you stand to win a lot more by suing the casino for fraud.

Your Game Is Affected by Other Players

One of the many popular casino myths suggests that other players can affect the outcome of your game. Again, this is impossible as neither you nor anyone else can influence the game results, and the products are independent and not changed by anyone. Other players can affect how much you win if you play on a progressive jackpot, but not if you will succeed.

Your spins and your dice are independent of those of other players. You can check the myth out by playing at an NZ online casino. Nothing to worry about, as no one will take away your win!

Online Casinos Promote Money Laundering

It’s because of this myth that people consider casinos to be illegal. The casino industry is highly regulated and must operate under a jurisdiction that requires transparency, but it does work within the law. As long as you’re playing at a licensed casino, money laundering will not even be possible.

Wrap Up

Any sound card players know that you must know the truths behind the game, and knowing the facts behind the casino is just as important. Most of these myths are based on superstitions that often stem from a lack of awareness.

Most games are a chance of luck, so play within your limits and don’t lose heart, as you will have your day!

Last Updated: April 17, 2024